Mind-Bending Mondays

The Challenge

How do you respond to a ‘challenge’? Challenges inspire and engage us. We have a sense of accomplishment and confidence when they are completed. When children are provided with a variety of appropriate challenges and questions, they develop critical thinking skills and the confidence to apply those skills in many situations!

Do you remember learning to ride a bike? I do! It was so exciting! Entire new worlds opened to me, and I had such a feeling of excitement and freedom! We want children to feel that way in every area of their lives! When we give students a variety of challenges, allow them time to persevere, and ask appropriate questions, we are helping them develop critical thinking skills! These thinking skills will help them to be independent thinkers and make good decisions in all areas of life! Yes, when students develop strategies for solving logic puzzles and advanced problem-solving tasks, they do improve academically, but that is only the beginning! Our goal is to provide resources to help you help the children in your classroom and in your life!