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Some of the Success Stories From Teachers and Parents That Have Used Our Programs

"Problem Of The Week was a great teacher decision!"

Investing in Leanne Luttrell’s Problem of the Week and Perplexing Logic Puzzle materials was a great teacher decision!  These engaging resources provide a forum for all learners to construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others. The high ceiling, low floor activities invite every member of the classroom to participate and stretch their critical thinking. Students express a deep sense of accomplishment after interacting with all of Luttrell’s materials. 

Lastly, when you purchase these materials the author is just a click away from providing additional ideas and staff development.  Leanne, although a math genius herself, makes even the math timid teacher feel like a rock-star!

Mrs. Mandy Collins, EdS
GCPS Teacher of the Year
GCPS Elementary Teacher of the Year
GCPS Gifted Teacher of the Year

"Resources that instruct, challenge, and keep my students engaged."

As a fifth-grade math teacher for 20 years, I was always looking for resources that would instruct, challenge, and keep my students engaged. While attending the Georgia Council of Teachers of Mathematics one year, I discovered these wonderful books and began using them with my students. Working in small groups, students used their math skills to solve logic problems. Using the placement puzzles and Venn diagrams provided them with practice and an opportunity to share ideas. My students loved the challenge!

Now retired, I was asked to tutor my granddaughter in math during the recent school shutdown. She is a very bright, enthusiastic student who really enjoyed the break from math videos and online games provided by virtual school. Together we solved problems and found puzzle solutions that were challenging and fun!  I highly recommend Leanne Luttrell’s math books!

Linda Dowling, Ed S


"A perfect fit into any math curriculum."

Leanne Luttrell's problem solving and critical thinking tasks are a perfect fit into any math curriculum.  After consistently using these resources in my classroom, I began to see all of my students develop a deeper conceptual understanding of math concepts.  They were also able to articulate their understanding and their thinking both collaboratively with their peers and with me.  Their confidence in their ability to solve complex problems increased as did their love for math. 

 Cynthia McLeod - 3rd Grade Teacher

"No doubt It helped them Professionally!"

"As a parent of two amazing men that have used Amazing Minds materials growing up, there is no doubt in my mind that it all played an important role in their development and their success as adults!  Having Leanne teach my two boys in the gifted program has been a true blessing when they were in grade school.  Watching them work through her problems books and worksheets has definitely helped them personally and professionally in their careers.  Thanks, Leanne for all you do!" 

 Mark Treager
Managing Partner at 3 Peak Ventures, LLC.

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