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Are you looking for engaging, challenging logic puzzles and problem-solving tasks to inspire and challenge students?  At Amazing Minds, our passion is inspiring young minds through logic and problem solving to help develop the critical thinking skills needed for all aspects of life.
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Critical Thinking

Children love a challenge!  Every child deserves engaging, attainable challenges to improve thinking skills.  Critical thinking is essential not only in academic settings, but in all areas of life.  We provide and recommend a variety of challenging and stimulating puzzles, games, problem solving tasks, and other materials along with tips and suggestions on how to use these materials with your students or children.
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Conceptual Understanding

Mathematics is so much more than basic computation, formulas, and memorization!   Developing a conceptual understanding is essential in order to know when, why, and how to apply mathematical concepts and/or critical thinking in any situation.  Students who have a conceptual understanding of mathematical concepts apply those concepts to a variety of new situations and problems not just in math class, but in life.  Those students create models and representations, use those models to analyze and interpret relationships, draw conclusions, and determine whether or not the results are reasonable.


Amazing Minds Mission & Vision

At Amazing Minds, we believe every person has a mind that is amazing!  All students can build critical thinking skills, solve complex problems, develop a conceptual understanding of mathematics, and increase perseverance and confidence through challenging tasks!   Our mission is to provide ideas, materials, and resources for teachers, parents, and students to help every child reach his or her full potential!

Our vision is to equip and inspire all children to be lifelong critical thinkers!

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Founder & Original Amazing Mind

” Thanks for visiting Amazing Minds!  One of my passions is helping children develop both thinking skills and confidence to apply those skills!  I love seeing the smile of a child who has just accomplished something that at first seemed overwhelming!  I believe we would all agree critical thinking skills affect every area of life for both children and adults.  I hope you will join me as we share ideas, materials, and resources to help every child reach his or her full potential! 

– Leanne Luttrell


Our Thoughts, News & Announcements

Our goal here is to provide you with news, insights, ideas and recommendations that will challenge your mind.

Introducing… Perplexing Math Puzzles!

Introducing… Perplexing Math Puzzles!

Welcome to a new year!   Our goal at Amazing Minds is to support YOU!  Thanks so much for your input and encouragement last year.  You had great ideas, and we listened! Introducing... Perplexing Math Puzzles!  Do You Want to Be a P.I. (Puzzle Investigator)? One of the...

The Power of Play:  All’s Fair?

The Power of Play: All’s Fair?

There are two ways to live your life. One, as though nothing is a miracle.  The other, as though everything is.   - Albert Einstein Happy Summer!  The first week of summer has definitely brought inspiration for PLAY!  I have always loved to play.  Isn’t there...

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