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Websites: Logic Puzzles and Problem Solving
  • Figure This! Math Challenges - This site is sponsored by NCTM and offers a variety of math problems! Be sure to try challenges 20 and 30!
  • Math Maven’s Mysteries - This has links to a variety of logic and skill-based problems that are rated by difficulty level.
  • Brain Teasers and Math Puzzles - This has a variety of brain teasers and are ranked by difficulty.
  • Puzzlers Paradise - These are classic deductive logic puzzles. You can either solve them interactively or print a copy to take with you!
  • Greg Tang Word Problems - These are basic application problems without extra information, but they do have ‘hints’ for students who are struggling with word problems. This is a great resource for parents to use, also.
Websites: Interesting Mazes and Strategy Games
  • Logic Mazes - These are a-MAZE-ing! Don’t be fooled; they are much more challenging than an average maze. The mazes change based on your movement, so you have to plan ahead. You might want to start with Eyeball Mazes or Alice Mazes.
  • Dynamic Mazes - These mazes have tunnels!
  • Dry Cleaner Maze - Even if you don’t want to work for a dry cleaning company, this will be one of your favorites!
  • Tilt Mazes - Even without the wooden box, these interactive tilt mazes are very challenging and fun!
  • Magnetic Block Puzzles - These are based on tilt puzzles, but the pieces come together as if they are magnetic!
  • ConSlide Puzzle - This is a new type of sliding block puzzle. Some of the pieces are connected! Have fun!
  • Orientation Maze - With each move, you change your orientation and your choices!
  • Theseus and That Pesky Minotaur - This classic game can be addictive! You will have to plan ahead to avoid the minotaur!
  • Plank Puzzles - Can you find a way to cross a swamp using just a few planks?
  • Mastermind - My friend Sandra and I loved this game when we were in school! (It was not on the computer!)
  • Peg Game - This is a fun strategy game. You will have to make the first move to get a link to the instructions.
  • Tower of Hanoi - Use any number of disks to find a strategy that works. Does your strategy work with 8 disks? What is the minimum number of moves?
Websites: Visual and Spatial Logic Puzzles
  • SET Game Daily Puzzle - This classic game using attributes can be enjoyed by all ages! This is also available above as a card game.
  • Triangles - You get one point each time you complete a triangle. Bill, however, is a worthy opponent!
  • Bloxorz - Roll the piece in different directions to place it into the square hole. It is more challenging than it sounds!
  • Puzzle Parlor - If you like tangrams, you will love Puzzle Parlor! Choose from a variety of shapes and puzzles.
  • 3-D Tetris - Do you like 3-D puzzles? Use multiple controls to rotate these shapes before they land.


Websites and Games: Interactive Math Games

* These incorporate basic math facts but also require critical thinking.

  • Product Game - You have to know basic multiplication facts to play, but strategic thinking is required to win! Play against a friend or against the computer.
  • Kakooma - Use basic facts (either addition or multiplication) to quickly evaluate options and beat the time limit.
  • 24! Game  - Use basic facts (either addition or multiplication) and use each number once and only once with a goal of 24.
  • 24! Game: Double Digit  - Use basic facts (either addition or multiplication) and use each number once and only once with a goal of 24.




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