It’s 2020, and a lot of people have been working on jigsaw puzzles!  I wanted to buy one for my mother in May, and several designs were backordered!  With a puzzle, sometimes the pieces don’t seem to make sense.  A small piece might appear to be different than what it actually represents.  Putting all the pieces together can be challenging, too.  However, it is only when you put together ALL of the pieces that a beautiful design emerges.  As teachers and parents, there are so many ‘pieces’ that should be part of the lives of our children, and we want to include them all!

Logical, critical, and creative thinking is definitely a piece of the puzzle!  I would argue that it is a very important piece!  Research shows that logical, critical, and creative thinking can be taught!  As teachers and parents, we can incorporate that teaching into both academic and non-academic environments.  One of my passions is helping children develop both thinking skills and confidence to apply those skills!  There is nothing to compare to seeing the smile of a child who has just accomplished something that at first seemed overwhelming!  We all want to inspire and encourage rather than enable children.

We want everyone to have strong thinking skills!  I believe we would all agree those skills affect every area of life for both children and adults!  It is more than just solving a math problem or writing an essay.  What process did you use to determine what car you wanted to buy?  If you planned to ask your boss for a promotion or a raise, would you consider your argument in advance?  Does a budget affect your choices?

How do we reach this goal?  Because these skills are not necessarily on standardized tests, it can be challenging to fit this into an already overcrowded schedule.  Through this blog, I plan to share practical ways to incorporate this important piece of the puzzle!  I look forward to seeing your ideas, too!  I am excited to begin our journey together!