My granddaddy used to say, “Every day I wake up is a good one!”   Do you want to celebrate today?  Although you don’t need a reason, many days are declared holidays!  I don’t promote buying cards for all of them, but it is fun to celebrate!  Today, May 13, is National Frog Jumping Day!

“The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County” is a hilarious short story by Mark Twain.  According to local legend, Twain heard the story in a local tavern not far from the Calaveras County Frog Jump Competition!  This event has been held annually since 1928!

Yes, there is a word problem for you to download, but there is so much more!  The word problem is meant to spark curiosity and interest.  How far did Rosie the Ribiter jump?  Can I jump that far?  Why are frogs able to jump such long distances?

Here are just a few ideas of what you can do to celebrate!  Please share your ideas in the comments!

* Go outside!  Have fun jumping, measuring, and comparing your jumps!

* Read!  Read Mark Twain’s short story and/or “If I Hopped Like a Frog”.

* Do other jumping activities!  How many seconds can you jump rope?  What other outdoor games involve jumping?  Have fun playing and jumping!

* If you are a parent, you and your child can explore a local water source and look for evidence of frogs!

Those are just a few ideas; there are so many possibilities!  My students and I went outside with “If I Hopped Like a Frog” and made our own comparisons.  They learned a lot, but we also all laughed a lot!  Learning IS fun!  There are so many interesting things in our amazing world!  Thanks to the person who decided May 13th is National Frog Jumping Day!  I am happy to celebrate with you!

Whether or not you celebrate National Frog Jumping Day, celebrate today!  It is the only May 13, 2021 you will ever have.  Enjoy every moment!

Here is a word problem for you to download.  One of the frogs mentioned holds the world record!  (It is rounded to the nearest inch in the problem.)   Have fun!

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Thank you!