Do you love a puzzle?  I do!  We know brainteasers and logic puzzles are both engaging and challenging!  We also know visual representations are a great way to develop algebraic concepts.  In this series, we will explore puzzles that require critical thinking, build number sense, and develop and/or strengthen students’ conceptual understanding of algebraic concepts!  What could be better?

I support and encourage concrete examples (such as algebra tiles and/or Hands-on-Equations) to help students develop a conceptual understanding of algebra.  In my experience, students also learn a lot from working with logic puzzles involving algebraic thinking!  They are also very engaging!

Weight puzzles, featured this week, are great logic puzzles for upper elementary students!  Like balance puzzles,  I have used these puzzles to introduce systems of equations in middle school and to support middle school students who struggle with solving them abstractly.  The one included this week has whole number solutions so students in grades 3-8 can try it!

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