Everyone loves brainteasers!  Riddles, puzzles, and brainteasers don’t seem like work, so they are a fun way to promote thinking skills!  Do you love games, mystery novels, and escape rooms?  But how can we inspire a love of problem-solving and logical thinking in our students?  

Mind-Bending Monday is a start!  The key is in the questioning and discussion of those puzzles, so that is the purpose of Mind-Bending Mondays.  Join us each week for Mind-Bending Mondays as we explore both original and classic brainteasers along with ways to use them with your students! 

Teachers wear a lot of hats!  We know that there is not enough time in the day to plan and do everything.  Mind-Bending Monday was designed with that in mind!  The video introduces the puzzle and gives you ideas on questions to use and how to adapt the puzzle for students from elementary school through middle school.  Then, google slides and documents are available on the website, so it is ready to use!  It is always a free resource, so please tell your friends!

We value your feedback and participation!  Do you love free prizes?  Post your student work and comments from Mind-Bending Monday puzzles to any of our social media sites!  When you share, your name will be entered one time each week for each site on which you post.  So, if you share on 3 social media sites, you will have 3 entries in one week!  You can enter every week!  We will have a drawing each month, and the winning name will be posted on the website.  

Official rules for the monthly contest can be found here.

Thanks!  We look forward to seeing you online!

*By entering, you agree to allow your name to be included.  If you would like to post but want to be excluded from the prize drawing, please email us.